CORE Ceutical Clinic

CORE Ceutical Clinic is the place to sooth away the stresses of modern day living from your body and soul.

Come and indulge yourself with different rejuvenating facial treatments, pamper yourself with relaxing body treatments and treat your concerns with medical and therapeutic services.

Bring back your intimate beauty; rejuvenate your skin; heal your body and mind.

Elevate Your Skin, Body and Mind

We offer a wide array of services aimed at improving your life

At CORE Ceutical Clinic we combine timeless aesthetic practices with the latest skin care technology to provide you with the most effective solutions targeted to your CORE skincare needs.

Massage Therapy

3 things you must do today: schedule a massage, get a massage, and schedule your next massage.
Everyone deserves a life without pain!

At CORE Ceutical Clinic we offer Wellness and Healing Services to balance your CORE Health.



Happiness comes after a really good treatment on feet!
Reflexology day is the best day of the week.

Be in Love with YOU,

Let Yourself Shine Through!

What do you want today? Take care of your body state or just chill out and spend time with your thoughts in private?
CORE Ceutical Clinic is a location where you can do both. The staff members here are aware that you have a need in different things at different times in your life. Hence they try hard to create comfortable atmosphere for all the guests. Owing to the caring and relaxing procedures, you can not only make your physical condition better, but also gain inner confidence in your abilities.
Rating 5 illustrates that people are really pleased with this organization!
We don’t like the brag, but
We’re Changing the LIFE
Why choose CORE for your Beauty & Health?

To support our mother Earth,
CORE offers everything paperless and online.


Therapists at CORE are one of the most experienced and knowledgable ones.

Direct Billing

CORE sends your bills to your insurances, so you pay less upfront.

Beauty & Health Services

CORE offers all kind of services to bring out your skin natural beauty and heal your body.

Easy Payment

For your comfort, CORE accepts all kind of payments including Cash, Debit, Credit, Amex, etc.

Prizes and Promotions

At CORE you will receive weekly prizes, monthly promotions, and gift for your birthday and referral!

Online Booking

CORE makes your booking easy by offering Online Booking.

Our Clients absolutely adore CORE

“Words cannot describe the amazing and professional service I get from here. Talking about it doesn't do the justice it deserves. In simple words, the facility and every service offered here has to be experienced. I highly recommend give them a visit to manage pain.”

Shazim A.Sales Manager

“Being suffered from a long time back pain had been made my life miserable until I went to CORE Ceutical Clinic.
After a few sessions treatment with Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Massage, I feel how life would be more happy if you don't have a chronic bothering pain.”

Aaron RProgrammer

“Maria saved my life!
I was suffering from a neck pain that nobody could have helped me with. So I decided to try CORE Clinic. I am almost in the midst of my Osteopathy and Massage treatment and know exactly why people rated this place 5 Stars.”

Jeff M.Director

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